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Up for sale are two mint condition Qsc RMX 4050hd's. I bought these amps new about a year ago to power some LMS ultra's. They have been used very lightly and have never been clipped. Right now I am running them 4ohm bridged, but volt limited to 90v, which equals about 2k watts. They are rated to deliver 4k at 4 ohm bridged, so I am only using about half the rated output. I did do a fan mod on them since I have them in my living room, and the stock fans were pretty loud. I still have the stock fans, and can replace them if you would like. All the original packaging is included. There is absolutely nothing wrong with them and they work flawlessly. They are some solid, beastly amps!

Here are some specs.....


-8 ohm = 850 watts
-4 ohm = 1400 watts
-2 ohm = 2000 watts


-8 ohm = 2800
-4 ohm = 4000

I am asking for $900 each, and buyer pays shipping. I would like to sell locally (95062) since these things are heavy.....about 75-80lbs each.

Let me know if you are interested.....I am open to offers



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