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Well I have gone from JBL 3677 to QSC 2150s. I bought 5 brand new ones at a steal of a deal to good to pass up or else I'd have 3 JBL 3677s or 4722. They were so good a deal I bought all 5 and I sold the extra 2 i didn't need.

The guy who bought them from me wanted to replace some JBL 3678 he had in his theater. I'm about 2 months from finishing the house and theater so I've only tested mine and they show tons of promise.

The pro theater guys on film-tech have pretty much all gone QSC and generally consider it to have a smoother sound.

Anyways I figured I'd send the buyer an email seeing how he liked the 2150s and how they compared to the JBL 3678.

here's his reply.

Let me tell you first off, there is an unbelievable difference between the two speakers played with my amp.
You know the specs but from what I heard, the qsc are in a league of their own. Trust me, I think you did the right thing selling me those two speakers. They are significantly louder.
Now with that said - I honestly ran them for about 5 minutes a month ago and then I left town.
I came back a a week ago and finished actually setting the speakers up behind the screen and cleaning up the mess. I did this leaving the center channel still one of the JBL's.
I have the Lexicon MC-12HD controller. I flipped the switch and nothing. After searching, the switchs go out with time. After I get that repaired, I'll give you a more indepth opinion.

NOne the less, you will never go back to the jbl's.
Once you fire up the qsc - its done.

I thank you for being patient with me and allowing me to think through what I was doing. You being able to educate me on the quality of my amplifier really did it for me.

Again, thank you.

I'm going to put up the sound deadening panels you mentioned. I'll hit you up for some direction once I get back in the theater mode.
With the Lexicon not working, I'm in redoing the waterfall mode.

How large of a room in your new home are you allocating to the theater? I was limited to a 9 foot ceiling height in the theater. I also have 3-riser used in seating. I've seen where they have built the projector into the ceiling and it either has drop down run by a motor or its just low enough below the ceiling so its not a piece of ceiling art.

How many seats?
Tell me how your planning to lay it all out and set it up.
5 or 7 channel? Probably 7.

In my opinion, if its worth doing - its worth doing it it up right.

You can't understate hide hard work and creativity enough.
People can tell.

If you have the talent, people pay a premium for it these days.

Thanks again,


I'm very anxious to finish my room and get these bad boys up and running and hear for myself.
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