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quality site that sells mx-500

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Anyone have a good website that sells the mx-500 (or now if retail stores like CC or bestbuy sell them)? Want one (new) but don't know which sites are reputable that sell them.
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If you look at some of the MX-500 threads here, you'll find a number of recommended sites. I prefer www.surfremotecontrol.com due to the support given by Mike (mroll) on this forum and others. However, any of the e-tailers listed here: HTM Authorized Internet Dealers should give you good service.
The BlueDo site has the MX-500, and I've heard good things about them.

Never used them however, as all my needs are met by the local Radio Shack. ( You have questions, we have blank stares.)
One nice thing about Bluedo is that they extend the warranty for MX-500s. I've bought 2 MX-500s and an MX-700 from them. Quick, efficient service at a reasonable price...
I'd also like to recommend SurfRemoteControl. You can always find Mike (mroll) answering remote control questions for people. I just got my MX-500 for my birthday (I made my wife buy it from SurfRemoteControl). Competetive prices too.

bluedo for like $115 or something. Best money ever spent on my HT.
send me an email, I might be able to help you out with what you need.

[email protected] if you get a chance
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