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Hi All

I am having two unusual problems with the Queen Rock Montreal + Live Aid Blu-Ray disc, not sure if these are hardware related or title related, so apologies for the cross posting:

1. On the Dolby TrueHD audio track there is no centre channel at all - all my other titles with Dolby TrueHD don't have the same problem and all successfully play out the centre channel. I'm assuming there should be something in the centre channel but can't be certain - can anybody confirm whether this disc does in fact have a centre channel mix?

2. I cannot play any of the bonus material (Live Aid, etc.) on this disc - not sure if this is related to the difference in resolution of this material in combination with the hardware but when attempting to play this content, all output from the PS3 stops (blank screen) and the only way to get anything from the PS3 to display again is to do a power cycle on the PS3 which is very irritating. I have tested this both via the receiver and directly to the plasma screen with the same result so the problem seems to be with the PS3 or title. Has anybody else experienced a similar problem?

Hardware is a PS3 with latest firmware and a Denon AVR 3808 receiver with 1.60 firmware connected to a Panasonic 65" 1080p plasma with everything connected via HDMI. I'm based in South Africa (PAL region).

Any help or guidance in this regard would be most appreciated.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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