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I live in the Queens/New York City area and need to get cable. The 27-story building that I live in is removing the rooftop master UHF/VHF antenna (that used to work very well). Without this master antenna, I do not get any reception, even with an indoor antenna. I only watch the OTA local stations (CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, PBS) and would like to view the HD versions of these stations on my LCD HDTV with built in QAM tuner. Both RCN and Time Warner Cable is available in my building. My questions are: If I subscribe to either RCN's or TWC's lowest-level "Basic Cable" package, will I receive the HD signal for the local OTA stations? If so, will I need to rent an HDTV cable box to unscramble these channels or will my tv's built-in QAM be sufficient?

Thanks for any help.

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I'm RCN near Flushing. I don't use a box, just clear QAM. I get all the normal channels in both HD and SD plus a few more.

24 - 2 WNBCDT

24 - 3 WNYWDT

25 - 1 WABCDT

25 - 2 WNETDT

27 - 1 WCBSDT

53 - 9 WLNYDT

57 - 1 WPXN

57 - 2 WLIW

57 - 4 WNJN

57 - 6 WMBC

57 - 8 WNYE

60 - 3 WWORDT

69 - 2 WPIXDT
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