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Ques about signal strength (ideal?)

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If I've been reading correctly... anything over -6dBm overloads? So we're shooting for .... what? What's an ideal range to be in? I'm asking because I'm looking at my plots from tvfool (thanks, Andy!) and the best signal it says is reaching my antenna is -37.7 dBm. The stations get weaker from there (they get more NEGATIVE in that dBm number).

Does this mean I could amp my signal by 20dBm? I'm still learning so if I'm not using the right terms here, gimme a break.
I think you get the idea of what I'm asking.

The Grand Island based towers are only about 7 miles from me. I had assumed that any attempt to stick an amp on this thing would cause an overload.
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the figure is actually -10. depends on several variables. gain of antenna, power of station, distance to towers, misc losses due to blockage/attenuation, losses associated with splitting and runs associated with that.

with stations 7 miles away the only amp that would work is the winegard hdp-269. 12 db gain, 3 db noise, with very high overload tolerance.

if the amp overloads at the antenna you can install it at the grounding block or use it as a distribution amp inside. the cm4228 you use also receives vhf so you may want to pass vhf and only amplify uhf which will take some of the edge off the overload potential.

you would accomplish that with the hdp 269 preamp and 2 cm 0549 vhf/uhf splitter combiners.

do this all the time and it performs miracles.
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would it be detrimental to skip the CM0549? The reason I ask is that while I can see that the 4228 will get VHF, I use it as a UHF-only antenna. All my DT locals will be staying on uhf so I don't really care about VHF.

Will NOT using the CM0549 be bad? I don't see myself doing this right away. But I am looking at this as something to play with in a little while. If I can make decent performance into GOOD performance, then it's worth a shot.

I've got only a couple of connections in the cable from antenna to TV. cable-to-balun, both sides of the grounding block, and then right to the TV. Total (RG6) cable length is 57 feet.
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there may not be an issue when you install the hdp269.

the cm0549's were mentioned just in case you run into a problem. passing the vhf signal and just amplifying the uhf will take the edge off the overload potential if it does become an issue. ch7 vhf was the concern.

there are other options if you run into problems (only if you run into problems)

-uhf band pass filter

-use 1 cm 0549 as a filter. the cm 0549 would separate the vhf and uhf signals. you would amplify the uhf side and put a terminater on the vhf side.

the hdp269 would be the best shot for an amp
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