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Question about AVS Halo 3 Clan

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I haven't played Halo 2 in a long time, but, I do remember for the first couple of months after Halo 2 released, I was able to get in on the AVS forum clan, and really had a good time playing with adult like minded gamers.

Question, is anyone assembling an official AVS forum clan? I haven't played a lot of Xbox over the past year, so my friends list is full of a bunch of people I don't know or haven't played with in some time.

I plan on playing a lot of Halo 3. That said, if someone is organizing a clan for the AVS forum, I would love an invite.

Gamertag: Tour de Force
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Hey Tour,

I'm in the exact same situation as you and would love to play with other mature gamers.

Gamertag: SHREVE
Sounds good to me I bought a 360 a couple of weeks ago and I am tired of getting my ass kicked by 13 year olds. It would be nice to at least get my ass kicked by people my own age.


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I was horrible in the beta but I have a real job and life so add me to the OLD FART clan . Can't wait , GT- SCOTTKELLYDHS
I'm in - MihmsMe

Wanna get me some Live co-op!
Gamertag: TrueHD

Y'all can cuss me out for all the bashing I've done. I don't think my copy will get here until Friday though.
I was only mediocre in the beta, and the ranking reset in 2 sent me in a tailspin. I never got close to my old ranking after the reset. My dumbass also didn't preoder a copy of 3 though. How long do ya think I'll end up having to wait to get it?

Originally Posted by whiskey > work /forum/post/11700434

subscribed. Gamertag: fuggin assshole

atleast you're honest..

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you can count me in if neone starts one....Gamertag:MUSTAAFA
Sadly...Halo 3 does not support clans like Halo 2 did. We can only hope that the Fall Update rumors are true and this feature will be added to the 360 itself.
Please use the Halo 3 MP sticky.


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