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Hello, I currently have a WD HD Media player in my bedroom connected to my 720p HD TV. When i watch movies that i have download and transferred to my external HD, they play great, no issues.

I put the WD player in my living room because i wanted to try it out on my 1080p LCD sony, When i played movies, the frame rate seemed really choppy, movements where not smooth at all.

I selected AUTO and 1080p in the video res settings and both settings still show video as being choppy. ( images are fine, its just any movement is real jerky )

I played the SAME movies on my XBOX 360 ( using PS3MediaServer, yes it works for the 360 ) and the movies played great ( both AVI and MKV )

Is there any reason why when connected to my 1080p sony the movies are choppy and not smooth? yet connected to my 720p set in my bedroom the movies are fine?

I was thinking of getting another unit for the frontroom but now i am having 2nd thoughs.

Any help would be great, thanks.
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