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Question about dead pixels on new Samsung DLP

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I got my HLN 5065 this weekend and have enjoyed the picture quality a lot. I did notice 2 dark dots which I figured were dead pixels and decided to give my 30 day return period a try to see whether I wanted to keep it before I worried about the spots (they are small). Today, I was moving the TV slightly to the left (on the stand) to eliminate some glare. I moved it by holding the top two corners and turning slightly. I noticed that the image on the screen shifted slightly when I did this. I am assuming that this is the projection screen moving inside the TV slightly. The one thing I did notice is the two dots NEVER move. The TV input image will slightly shift, but the dots stay the same spot. I tested this by switching to PC mode and moving the TV slightly with a page of text. The text moved on the screen, but the spots did not. This leads me to believe they are not dead pixels. I may be wrong (and please correct me if I am) but the dead pixels would be in the projected image... not the screen. This would mean that the dead pixels would shift with the image (since it is being projected on the screen). Any opinions on my hypothesis. I will be very happy if its just some foreign particles and not dead pixels. Now let me get back to Unreal Tourney '03...... good I love PC Gaming on a 50 inch screen :D .
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Technically they aren't pixals, but but mirrors.W e know what you mean though.

First, the light engine is warrentied to have 100% of the mirrors working.

Second, if your lucky it may not be stuck mirrors but dust/debris. Are the spots EXACTLY the size of 1 "pixel"? Are they well defined or difused?

I had three spots of dust on the back of my screen which I was able to clean. I wrote how I did it in another thread. Try a search under my name.

Douglas, if they are dead pixels (struck mirrors), they would not move with the image.
If you mean you are moving the image by distorting the box, then I would agree that they are not dead mirrors. Sounds like dust (or some other foreign matter) on the back of the screen to me. I have one dead mirror- left edge, about 1/4" in, half way up. If you get up close and look, it is very clearly a little black square. Barely perceptible at normal viewing distance. To me, not enough to warrant replacing a nice quiet color wheel.

ive seen this tv and dont see why anyone would buy it intead of the hlm507W it has much much better picture and is only a few hundred more.
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