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So both of them are on sale right now. I don't have a receiver right now & will like to hear atmos and dts:x in headphones on a pc. I was wondering what media player can decode my ripped blurays with dolby atmos and DTS:x and convert it to dolby atmos headphone or DTS:X headphone using virtual algorithm to simulate dolby atmos and dts:x track. Ideally, I was thinking it works by decoding the ripped bluray with dolby atmos or DTS:x and virtualize it. So if the bluray track on scene 1:00 is a plane flying above my head, it will be virtualized to be a plane that flies over my head. Is that how it works? I came upon this article: Xbox And Windows Gaming Has Evolved: DTS Reveals All About Its Game-Changing New Tech

In it, it writes, "First, there’s a DTS:X audio decoder. This natively integrates within Microsoft Windows 10 devices to enable playback of DTS-encoded content through media players running Windows 10. DTS:X costs $9.99."

What are the media players running Windows 10? Windows media player? I also came upon this here: Issue with Dolby Atmos for Headphone and Dolby Atmos movies
"I have a few ultra hd movies that have dolby atmos track. The thing is: no media player on pc can decode dolby atmos and make it work with dolby atmos for headphone software. Instead of getting dolby atmos, all we can get is downmixed 7.1. The only media player that can output proper dolby atmos on headphone is Windows 10 Movies & TV app, but it can only decode Dolby Digital based Dolby Atmos, not TrueHD 7.1 based Dolby Atmos, and those movies only have TrueHD 7.1 based Dolby Atmos. Very disappointing. Any solution for this?"

so my movies anywhere movies can at least play Dolby Digital based Dolby Atmos through headphones? Btw, my plex server is down right now. I also came across someone saying the plex server in browser can play dolby atmos correctly on dolby atmos headphone?

Sorry its a loaded question. I will give dts:x a test trial to see how it sounds. But I do want to know if it is working like they way I think it works. Finally, does the movie needs to have dts Headphone:x track? Blu-ray movies with the DTS Headphone:X track . I remember my past receiver turned on dts:x headphone when I plugged in my headphones for ex: machina that has dts:x track. Does the dts unbound package on the windows store pretty much turn my pc somewhat into a receiver? Kind of like how receivers purchased the dts license to be able to decode it?
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