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Question about HDMI out from receiver to TV.

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I've come across a problem that I'm hoping some one can iron out.

I recently purchased a Sony receiver. I connected the Cable box, and BluRay devices to the corresponding HDMI inputs, while the HDMI OUT is connected to the TV, so they are passing through to get to the TV. I also have a CD player connected the receiver, and here's where the problem lies. While watching TV and switching to 'CD' the video is cut out on the TV. I'm using the receiver in a game room, so I'm guessing it's not possible to view TV while having music playing through the 'CD' input. Or any other audio input for that matter.

Is this the same for all current budget ($250) receivers that use a HDMI out? I know the receiver is acting like a HDMI switch, but the 'CD' input has nothing to do with the video output.

Any help or advice on a different receiver is appreciated.
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Check your Sony Owner's manual to see if this is possible as it's possible on even lower level Denon, Marantz, and Onkyo AVRs.
That feature is often not available with HDMI inputs on inexpensive receivers. But, as jdsmoothie suggests, the manual will have the answer.

If the AVR cannot mix different audio and video sources with an HDMI input, you can always run a second component video connection from your set top box directly to the TV. That will enable you to listen to music from the CD player on the AVR while watching video on the TV.
Well it doesn't seem possible. I chatted with an online rep, and they said that you can't use two different inputs at the same time...I guess of any sort. You would think, when switching to an analog signal with no video, that it wouldn't disrupt the video passing through the AVR. Well, I might have to take this one back, and maybe try an Onkyo or Yamaha.

BIslander, I also had that in mind, but it's something that's just gonna erk me now, ha.

Thanks again for the info.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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