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question about heat and the 4805

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i have my 4805 mounted on my back wall about 4 feet off the ground. the reason its this low is because i am using a dalite high power, this position is best to take advantage of the higher gain. my problem is that just below it is my radiator and when its on it causes my 4805's fan to run on high and its pretty darn loud. even though its not a problem when the heat is off, i am little worried about the bulb. i am thinking of buying a piece of aluminum or a radiator cover to maybe block some of the heat...anyone else with this problem, or maybe a better idea for a cure...thanks
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I would think anything that is a cover for a radiator is going to conduct heat by design.....not very wise to block radiator heat! How about an inert baffle to block the heat near the projector.

Why not use a ceiling mount and save your lamp - you will still get half the HighPower gain - the projector is plenty bright - so that is sufficient gain!

I'm curious as to where your image shows up on your wall. Four feet high is so low that I'm having a hard time imagining you being able to view it without it either being halfway on the floor, partly on the ceiling, glancing off of someones' head, or keystoned to death.

Please explain. I have a High Power screen and my X1 is at 6'4" up the back wall and I thought that was low!

If your solution works, I may just give it a go. :)


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if you look at my gallery you can see how my screen is in relation to my speakers its a bit high i know, but i changing my screen out for a bigger one, a 106"... sorry kraz but i absolutely love the brightness and would not want to change it for anything, thats the first thing everyone notices is how bright it is...i had radiator cover in my kitchen and noticed when i removed it the kitchen was noticeable warmer so i might try that route...
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