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Question about included DVE color filters

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I did a search but didn't see this issue.

I'm running through the basic setup on my CRT t.v. for practice, and I'm having an issue with the included cardboard 3 color filter card.

I can't seem to see through what should be the "blue filter". Its much darker or less transparent than the red and green, and I can't seem to see through it to preform the test.

holding it up to a lamp makes it look purple. Am I missing something?why is the blue filter so dark?, blue seems to be the most critical according to the disk.
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it's a fairly dark filter, but you should be able to see through it without too much difficulty. I suppose it's possible maybe your filter has two pieces stuck together or something like that, but you should be able to see through enough to align colors.
i peeled the card apart, each color had two pieces of the same color, expect my blue, I got a blue and red (hence my purple comment).

Will I be ok only using one piece of film rather than two, since red and green were suppose to be looked through with two pieces?
That sounds like a manufacturing problem - it should be blue filters! Doubling up on filters does seem to help - I often do that with the AVIA filters.
I think one should still be ok to use, but you can get more DVE filters.
I send an envolope to DVE with 3.00 for some extra filters monday of last week, How long does it usually take to arrive? this question is to anyone that have done this before. ;)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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