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Question about Key Digital VP

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I recently picked up a KD-DH12 http://www.keydigital.com/documents/KD-DH12.pdf and I'm wondering if anyone in this forum (I've noticed there are some people familiar with KDS products) can tell me how well this unit will compare to the other KDS processors (or even the Lumagen/DVDO VP's) for 480i to 720p/1080i up-sampling.

I'm not concerned about 1080p, as I have a G70 CRT front projector, and no plans to replace it any time in the near future, so 1080i will be my max res. I'm ok with the limited output resolutions (480i/p, 720p, 1080i) for the same reason. The G70 at either 720p or 1080i is where I plan to be for the foreseeable future.

I will be using the unit for up-sampling DVD and digital cable. I really liked that this unit will accept both standard and HD input, as I have a mixture of SD and HD channels, so I need something that can handle incoming 720p or 1080i signals. My old VP couldn't do that, so I was stuck using my cable box to upscale the signal.

My problem is (and I'm sure you never heard this one before) I picked this unit up because I had a chance to get it very cheap, but I can't really evaluate it because I'm in the middle of re-modeling my basement and the PJ is in storage. I have confirmed that it does a nice job down-sampling my HD channels to 480I for my SDTV

I've heard good things about the KDS processors, but I've not seen much of anything on this unit. It's a VP, 12X distribution amp, and ATSC tuner combined, and is targeted for retail outlets or demonstrations, so there aren't any reviews out there. I'm not sure if it uses the same scaling/de-interlacing components as the dedicated VP's.

I'm curious to know if the scaling/de-interlacing will be on par with other similar processors, or if I should keep my eye out for something better. My budget is very tight (on account of the whole basement remodel), so I'm hoping I did all right with this purchase.

Any help?
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