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Question about Lamp Extended warranty

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I wanted to purchase a Repair Master 3 yr lamp warranty, it's this one ... RMLMP3

a lot of the online retailers says:

"This plan must be purchased at the same time of, and on the same sales receipt as the covered LCD, D-ILA or DLP product"

Then I came across one or two retailers that doesn't have this same restriction on it, meaning you can purchase the warranty seperatedly and at different time then when you purchased your DLP.

The question is...are you at risk if you bought this warranty a week or so after you bought your set? because when something goes wrong, you'll be dealing with Repair Master, not the retailer who sold you the warranty, right?

and if so...isn't there a chance that you may not be able to receive service because the retailer sold you something they shouldn't have?

uummm what to do?
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I would only trust the text in the actual plan and not what is written on a website. See if you can find a copy of the actual warranty.
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