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I recently had the fortune of coming by a brand new in the box Samsung 460TS-3 business class capacitative touchscreen monitor for $50. The only issue with the monitor was that the protective glass that covers the LCD was broken so I removed it and now have a perfectly functioning HDTV/Monitor.


My plan is to replace this glass but I am unsure of what kind of glass I need to purchase. Also, though I am not super familiar with monitors of this size I am fairly sure that the glass either provides, or at least enhances, the touch screen capabilities of the tv...when I removed it the glass was wedged between what I am assuming is the infrared sensor surrounding the display panel and the display panel itself. I was able to pull the cracked glass out in one piece so I have the exact size and know it is 3mm thick. It appears that it is just a regular sheet of glass(probably tempered, low-iron glass) but there is a film on the front of the glass as well. 


Could anyone let me know if my assumptions are correct on the glass type? Is the film on the glass essential to touchscreen capabilities or is it just something to prevent the glass from falling apart when it shatters/keep fingerprints off the screen (one of the many applications it is used for is touch screen kiosk in high traffic areas)?


Additionally, are there any parts websites that provide an interface that allows easy cross referencing of parts and tvs vica-versa? The guy that sold me this monitor has a whole lot of brand new high grade monitors and hdtvs with cracked screens and I was thinking about purchasing a few to replace screens and use in my home. I know that manufacturer sourced screens are ridiculous but I have had some luck searching sites like ebay to find cheap replacement screens for them...it has been hard to do any kind of in depth search without the exact panel code and the various applications that the panel is used in. 
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