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Question about Linux on the PS3

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I've been interested in trying out Linux for quite some time and may do that on one of my Windows PC's but now that I've heard the PS3 can run it I'm interested in doing that. I know Logitech makes a couple keyboards for the PS3 so I may get one of those. I just have several questions.

Logitech has a wired keyboard and I can get a wired mouse but would the wireless keyboard/trackpad combo work?

When I install Linux can I have the PS3 still boot up straight into the startup screen and just choose Linux when I want to? I use the PS3 a lot as a dvd/blu-ray player and of course for games. I don't want installing Linux in any way to hurt that.

Which route should I go? I've heard many distributions run on it but seems Yellow dog is the closest to an 'official' release

Is Sony going to come out with their own distribution eventually?

Thanks for any help/advice.
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With keyboard/mouse it's pretty much a case by case basis if it will work correctly or not in linux.

As for choosing linux when you want to, I don't know of any way to do that. When you run in linux, you can go back to the PS3 by typing a command or if you're really lazy like I am, you can hold the power button on for ~5 seconds (while it's off) and it will always boot into the PS3 game os (even if you last used linux). However, you need to readjust your screen settings each time you do that.

YDL is more supported and has more users, so if you have any trouble you will be able to find more guides/support for that. However, there is really no way to answer that question. Just choose the one that appeals to you the most. Everyone has an opinion about which distribution is the best for the PS3. I am not going to steer you one direction or the other.
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