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Question about Marquee cabinets...

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Hi all.

All the Marquees I have seen have big 'Electrohome' logo's on the back,

but isn't VDC making them now? If so, is the E-home logo switched

with VDC's?


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Thats a very good question. I have a 1996 8500 and I don't think I have seen one made by VDC. All Marquee's I've seen all have Electrohome stenciled on them.
You're talking about the Electrohome logo in the back ON TOP, right? I saw a couple of supposedly new projectors from VDC at a museum and they had NOTHING there on top.
Yes, on the top...back..:)

Aha....If the Electrohome logo is gone, my girlfriend is going to be very


Where's Tim? He must know!!
VDC took over in 2001. Most of the projectors they have built are likely to remain in service for some years before us home theater enthusiasts manage to get our grubby paws on them.

The marking changes for a VDC built unit are the deletion of the big white ELECTROHOME silk screening on the top panel and the rear panel label is changed as well.

I would also presume that when VDC took over, the silk screening on the circuit boards was edited to replace the Electrohome name with VDC.

2001? Okay, then. But I think I'll be able to live with the Ehome logo:)


Why don't you just spray paint the cover and be gone with the logo? I think moneyass painted his marquee black, or a dark color. He left the logo but it looks very nice indeed. Perhaps I remembering the wrong person w/ a marquee, but it's a thought. It definitely isn't hard to pull all the outside panels and spray them however you want.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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