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New first time Dish customer here. I've got a 722k with OTA module with dual OTA tuners. Single coax is bringing in sat + OTA and backfeeding TV2 out to bedroom. I understand the difference between single mode and dual mode as well as shared view.

Sat tuners are doing exactly what I want... as long as nobody is watching TV in the bedroom, I can watch & record simultaneously at main TV even though the 722k is in dual mode. If someone then wants to watch in the bedroom, at that point a decision has to be made whether or not to cancel the TV2 recording and allow independent programming.

However, the OTA tuners aren't doing this. With the 722k in dual mode, it will not allow simultaneous viewing & recording of OTA channels at the main TV even when TV2 is not being used. If I put the 722k in single mode, then it will allow me to record one OTA channel while I watch another OTA channel.

I don't need OTA at the bedroom SDTV and have deleted those channels from the guide. So to have one OTA tuner permanently held in reserve for that TV is a waste of a tuner. Is there any way to keep the 722k in dual mode, and have the dual OTA tuners behave the same way the dual sat tuners behave?

If this is just a design limitation of the add-on tuner, so be it, no big deal. Just wanted to see if this is how everyone's works, or if there's a setting that can be tweaked to get both OTA tuners in use at the main TV in dual mode. I've been through the menus and don't see anything, unless it involves the modulator setup screen, which I really don't understand well enough to mess with.
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