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Hey guys I have a couple of questions. Im returning my samsung 8000 plasma bc i really dont like it all. Im im either going to buy a vt20 or the vt25I was wondering what the difference is between the two different models? Best buy has a special deal going on right now where you can get vt20 50inch, 2 extra pair of 3d glass w/i 2 blueray movies and a 3rd blurray player all for 1799$ Then theres the vt25 which i can get for the same price minus the other stuff. so can someone please tell me the major differences? I looked at some post about professional calibration can be done on the vt25 and not the vt20? if true why cant you calibrate the vt20 series? All the info would be appreciated b/c i need to make the decision tomorrow?

plus is the professional calibration worth it at best buy? I was wondering if i got the vt series if it would correct some of the color issues the t.v has? thanks for the time guys
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