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Hey guys,

I just have a couple of questions. I'm going to be getting this tv in a couple of weeks,the reviews I've read seem pretty good.....however,Cnet's review seems to be less than favorable. I've seen this tv in person,and to be honest,can't understand the comments about the poor black levels.

They seemed to be perfectly fine to me. Also after reading their review,this caught me as odd......

Speaking of picture adjustments, we were quite disappointed to discover that Philips didn't include independent input memories on the 42PFL5603D. All four of the HDMI inputs share the same "Personal" picture memory slot, and the two component video inputs share a different one as well. None of the other picture presets aside from Personal can be adjusted, and to top it off, you can't adjust color temperature beyond the three presets. We were also peeved by the lack of a dedicated backlight control, something found on most other LCDs regardless of price. In short, people who like tweaking the picture or having different picture settings for different components will want to choose another HDTV. We did appreciate the ability to choose from among four aspect ratios with HD sources, one of which introduced zero overscan with 1080 resolution signals.

While this certainly isn't a deal breaker,I though I'd read that you COULD change settings for each input,as long as you named them and didn't leave them as the default setting. Can anybody confirm this?...or did I read the wrong thing....lol I can't remember WHERE I read it though,but I could've sworn I seen that.

Also,how is cnet as far as reviews go? are they pretty reliable?....I ask because they mainly said the Philips won "best at show" only due to the low power consumption...which seems odd to me. That it would be based more on being "eco friendly" and not so much about the picture quality.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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