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Goal: get a dedicated processor but be able to get rid of the DAC and Pre


I have my current stereo and ht systems somewhat separate. Meaning I have an AVR and a dedicated pre-amp/dac wired into the same set of stereo speakers. Given my equipment, is there any hope to be able to merge this with a single device like a Bryston SP3 or a Cary Cinema 12 and retain the same audio quality for stereo listening?




Fronts: Revel Studio 2

Center: Revel C52

Rears: Kef Satellites

AVR: Marantz SR6006

Misc: Pass Labs X2.5 (pre), PS Audio Perfect Wave II (dac), McIntosh 452

Sub: TBD (thinking 2 JL f113 or 1 Gotham)

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I would say a processor is a av pre-amp but without any volume control ie Denon AVD-1000, you go into a 5.1 input of a AV amplifier which has pre-amp for the 5.1 input.

You could move away from a av amplifier to av pre-amp & power amplifier.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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