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Question about rear surrounds

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I posted this in another section of the forum but I think its more appropriate in this one.

Im currently in the process of running all of my speaker wire for the theater and had a couple of questions. The theater has two rows of seating, first at about 12' and the second at about 18'. I have a soffit that is at about 20' and drops 12". Is it ok to mount the the two rears (7.1 setup) either in the soffit wall facing the screen wall or even in the ceiling just in front of the soffit? The speakers will only be about 1.5' behind the second row, is that enough room? Also, is there any way to hook up 2 pairs of side surrounds (one for each row) to one 7.1 reciever so that there will be a total of 4 speakers running on the L and R surround channels? Thanks for the help.
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one option is to use dipole speakers for the sides, or consider Mirage "omnipolar" speakers for your surrounds. With your extremely deep listening area, you might benefit from speakers that difuse and/or project sound in a more open radiating pattern.

My suggestion is to consider Mirage lineup and wall mount full enclosure models
would dipoles work ok in an open theater. My theater is open to the rest of the basement on the right side and the back.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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