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I have been reading about scalers (interested in iScan VP or Algolith Firefly) and I have not yet made a decision if it's woth the cost in my setting. A couple of things I have trouble understanding: with the Dish Vip622 there is only one setting for output which is now set at 1080i, does that mean the SD channels are also upconverted, therefore the scaler will get a 1080i signal and simply pass it through, since my TV is 1080p but doesn't accept 1080p signal? In my case the TV will do the deinterlacing (not so good), is this correct?

Same thing with my A2 HD-DVD player. If i set it to output 1080i (needed for HD-DVD), when I play a regular DVD I won't be able to process the image through ther scaler?

If all these assumption are correct, the only way to have the scaler do the job is change the output from the source. Also, I would not be able to use the scaler for deinterlacing if I have to feed the tv an interlaced signal?

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