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I'm looking for a receiver for my bedroom and am on a major budget and the Sherwood RX4503 is looking ok to me. I don't need 5.1 surround but the fact that this receiver has a sub pre-out seems cool.

My question is that in a review on Amazon one person says that if you hook up two sets of speakers that both sets need to be 16 ohms, specifically- "The specs in the owners manual were diferent from the sellers info. The manual also said that if I wanted to use two sets they would all have to be 16 ohms. Who uses 16 ohm speakers?" I have no idea is this is true, does anyone know if this is accurate or not? Right now I've got a small pair of bookshelves and I was thinking I could either save up for a pair of boomer speakers or maybe just shop around for a good deal on a sub but if the deal about the speakers needing to be 16 ohm if multiple sets are hooked up is true then that's kind of deal breaker. Anyone know?

Thanks a bunch for any help.
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