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Hi All:

I'm about to purchase an DVD NAV unit for the car and I'd like to integrate my Sirius into the unit with the SiriusConnect adapter. However I've been reading that you can only get one text line when viewing the station you're on, and there's nothing else on the screen, like channel art. So, you have to press a button to go from station name to artist, to song name, etc. Now this is for the Pioneer units, and I'm not sure about the adapters for other brands of receivers. I'm fairly sure the XM adapters give you all the info on the screen at one time.

Does anyone know if Sirius has any other options for displaying the full information on the screen for any other brands of in-dash (double-DIN) receivers, besides Pioneer (which only seems to have the one option)?

I currently use a Starmate Replay, which I've been using for about 4 years, and I'd almost rather keep that than to have less info displayed with the new receiver.

Any help or input is appreciated!
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