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Question about the Yamaha RX-v665

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I recently got the Yamaha RX-v665. I did some research, and it seemed to have a lot of the features that I am looking for; I'm very happy with it so far. However, one thing didn't cross my mind until I got it home. I have a Wii, which supports component video, but only analog audio. I've read through the manual, and I've played with it a fair amount, but I can't figure out how to get analog audio with component audio. It seems that it has its pre-set channels, and that's it. Most other receivers I've seen are able to match them up accordingly. I don't have a big problem with that, but it seems kind of odd only to have digital audio with ALL of the component ports when there are still many products on the market that use analog. If anyone knows how to get analog audio with component video working together, please let me know how to do it. Or am I just SOL?
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You're not SOL. You need to go into the setup menu and let the receiver know that out of all the options there are for audio input that you'd like it to match the component #1 or #2 (or whichever one you have the Wii connected to) with a certain audio analog input. Some receivers have red & white RCA jacks next to the component input jacks - some do not and must be set up in the setup menu.

If your receiver has an auto scan function - and I don't know if it does or not - turn it on. It will scan all available audio inputs and select the one that has a signal incoming.

And make sure you have the analog out from the Wii connected to CD - DVD - Aux - something. No audio flows through the video component cables.
I can't find a feature that tells the receiver that I'm out of options for audio. Maybe this will help:


I have the component video plugged into AV1 and I've tried using several different analog ports for the audio (everything from AV5 to Audio2). It doesn't seem to look for other audio options once it recognizes that there is no audio signal. The receiver has two separate menu buttons (setup and option). In the setup menu, it doesn't seem to have what I need, as far as my problem is concerned, but the option menu seems to recognize the video and audio inputs. It tells me there is no audio signal, but doesn't let me do anything about it. It just seems to be informative.

There doesn't seem to be any auto-detect feature, and if you look at the back of it (the link above), it seems to have a pretty strict set of of inputs matched together. I have a friend who is pretty electronics savy, and he seems to think there should be a way to get it working. I can't seem to figure it out, though.
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A reading of the V665 thread here will reveal the firmware update from Yamaha that allows you to assign one component video input to one of the 2 stereo audio inputs. Or just go to Yamaha and download it.
Thank you for the response; I found the firmware you spoke of. I need a device that can play CDs that has a digital output. Do you know if I can just use my laptop (macbook)?
I am also trying to connect wii with the component cables to the RX-V665. I am already using audoi 1 and audio 2 for my DVR and DVD. This appears to be the only option for the wii audio? Is there another solution?
Are your DVR and DVD player HDMI devices?
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