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Question about Vandersteen model 2 speakers.

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A friend of mine is getting rid of his Vandersteen Model 2 speakers and to be honest I have never heard of them. I need a pair of speakers but was not sure if they were good speakers or not. They are used but I looked at them yesterday and he could have told me he just bought them they looked so good. Mint. Any help would be much appreciated. Any suggestions on a good purchase price? Thanks.
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Vandersteens are pretty enjoyable loudspeakers. Find out the exact model - the Model 2 came out the late 1970s and has been through several revisions (2A, 2B, 2C, 2CI, 2CE, and finally the 2CE Signature). The difference between 2 and 2CE Signature is significant.

Regular twos used - I'd offer around $300 for the pair. Definitely audition them with your setup first.

- Steve O.
I've seen a pair of 2Cs go for as little as $150. Brand new 2Ce Signatures run just under $1700.

I've heard the older ones still sound quite good, but may not last very long. You can send them to Vandersteen to have the drivers refurbished and new grill cloth put on, but it's fairly expensive. Bring a flashlight so you can inspect the driver surrounds, and play some bass-heavy material and listen for distortion.

Hit Google with "Vandersteen 2" and you'll find a lot of reviews & info.
Hey mberlin74, The price will depend on how old and what version they are? Vandersteen have been making the model 2 since the late 70's up to the present but they have been constantly upgrading the design with better drivers and crossovers. If they are older ones you want to pass unless the price is right .They have always been a favourite of Audio magazines and Audiophiles .

Obviously, be realistic about getting used speakers. A pair of good quality 2Cs for $150 is a "blue moon" deal. While it's convenient that you live in CA, and you could send in the old 2's to be refurbished or updated, it will cost $$$ for those updates.

If you were to send them back to the factory, it would be important to have the original packing boxes to avoid shipping damage.

The 2CE Signatures are the ones that really get all the attention and rave reviews. Why not give Richard Vandersteen himself a call and have a chat? He's quite friendly over the phone.

- Steve O.
Thanks guys, that really helps. I will be over there today and will be more exact on the model. I will also check out the inside with a flashlight. I will let you know what I find.
If they are the 2C or 2CE Signatures, jump on them. ;)
Just got back and found out what they are. They are model 2C speakers. I couldn't open the grill though because they seem to be meshed all the way around. Any way I say the receipt and they were purchased in 1985 for 1200.00. Back then that must have been a fortune for speakers. Any way, let me know what you think and what a decent price would be. Thanks all.
Anyone, Anyone???
Gee 21 years old, and if they have never had any factory upgrades maybe $250- $300. asumming all the drivers are still working. For closer inspection of the drivers(if your friend allows ) the wood panel at the base of the speaker can be unbolted.Then the grill material can be slid up like a sock.

250-300 would be a nice price for the set. Keep in mind the upgrade from 2C->2CE Signature may not be offered by Vandersteen anymore, if that's important to you.

According to Vandersteen's website, that may be the case: http://www.vandersteen.com/pages/Updates.htm

Bring along music or movies you are familiar with, that have good dynamic range. In addition to checking for visible damage/wear, listen carefully to hear if there could be any damage to the tweeter or woofer. I would also swap left/right channels to make sure both speakers are playing fine.

Good luck!

- Steve O.
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Thanks guys, I will do that.
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