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Question about Wall Mounting

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Hi guys,

I have a question I hope some of you can help me with.

I bought a Panasonic 42" EDTV Plasma and a wall mount from Dell back around 2003/2004. Now, I am considering upgrading to a true HD Panasonic, more than likely a 50" plasma. My question is, will my current wall mount work with a new 50" Panasonic Plasma? I have no idea what kind it is, other than the fact that it came from Dell, and my 42" Panny EDTV plasma works perfectly on it (it sort of "slides" down onto it, and to remove it, you need two people to "slide" it up and off the mount). Also, the plug-ins for my current set are along the bottom of the EDTV, hence we didn't run any cables through walls. If the plug-ins for the newer sets are on the back, does that create an issue, or is there enough clearance without having to run cables through the walls? I am trying to avoid that if possible, as it's not easy to do in my older home. Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated...I'm in the "researching and planning" stage now before taking the plunge.
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Most likely it could work, do you know what the brand or model number of the bracket?

If not, mounts are so inexpensive and you should find a mount for the new 50"

when I was doing research for my mount I did read that the one thing that is standard between TVs is the mounting holes.

It sounds like your mount however doesn't use the screw type holes on the back of the TV.
I wish I could remember what the brand was, or exactly how it worked. Is it possible a part of the mount screwed on the back of the tv, and that is what "slides" into the part on the wall? Does anyone else have the 42inch Panny EDTV mounted to the wall, or has anyone upgraded from this tv to a larger panny and kept the same mount? Any info is appreciated.

Originally Posted by Fox1966 /forum/post/12896071

Is it possible a part of the mount screwed on the back of the tv, and that is what "slides" into the part on the wall?

That could be and if so, it'll work.

You can always get a mount from monoprice for $30 too. As said above they aren't all that expensive.
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