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First, thanks to everyone who posted in this forum, it has been tremendous help in helping me narrow down the choices of what reciever to get. I recently bought a Toshiba HD-a3 and wanted to take advantage of the lossless audio from the reciever and have been thinking about a couple choices. I currently need 3 HDMI slots for input, maybe 4 in the future (for ps3). My current setup is

Onkyo 605 (with HDMI switch)

Sony STR-dg9100

Refurbished Marantz SR7001

I originally wanted the Onkyo 705 but the lip sync issues deterred me from it. Does the Onkyo 605 have any of these issues?

Also how important is the HDMI 1.3 bitstream capability? I plan on eventually buying a dual player of some sort, is there some advantage over of bitstream over internal decoding, and does anyone know if there will be future players which can internally decode DTA-HD MA?

Also how good/bad is the Onkyo upconversion from 480p to 720p? The only thing I would need upconverting is a Wii, will I notice a difference, is it useful?

I'm going to pair this up with some polk audio midrange price speakers Rti8, Rti4's, CSi3. So something which can power these decently would be great, would all of these recievers work? Thanks for any help.
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