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Hi there. I have a general question regarding black levels on LCD displays. I am wanting better blacks out of my next set but I do not require "perfect" blacks else I would skip LCD options altogether.

I have a couple of 1080p Sony TV's that I believe are 2013 models (55" W802A, 70" R550). Got a good deal on them with free extended warranties. No regrets. They will be passed on to others when replaced.

I am generally pleased with the picture quality and color of these TV's but I have seen better. I think these both use IPS panels.

In dark room viewing these two TV's really could do much better. The 802A is the better of the two but it is still pretty bad with the grey blacks. Also, the entire full frame dimming becomes bothersome and while it can be toned down in the options it can not be fully turned off. The 70" does not even get used anymore as it is in the basement and we really do not go down there much anymore for whatever reason haha.

Last year I was looking at the HU9000 from Samsung but am unable to see demos close to where I live. Even if I did I would likely be seeing them in torch mode in a very bright store. This year I am looking at the JS9000 model. I am not hell bent on going Samsung, they are just two that stood out to me. The one connect box is a potential feature that I have interest in.

As far as I know these both use VA panels. I don't know a whole lot about TV panels but I do know computer monitors. My IPS panels seem to do better with colors but they do not do blacks as well as my VA panels do (depending on the monitors AG coating). The VA panels also tend to ghost more during gaming. NOTE: There will be no gaming on my TV whatsoever. Input lag and other gaming issues will be a non factor with this purchase. 3D quality is also irrelevant to me. A snappy interface would also be a nice bonus as the menus on my Sony TV's lag quite a bit.

I am looking for much noticeably better blacks in dark room viewing. If they are not totally black that is fine but I would like to get as close to black as I can get with a LCD screen. Preferably without FALD as that would drive my cost way up. I know that edge lit will be another strike against my blacks here but remember, I am going for "noticeably better" and not perfect. A picture quality boost would also be desirable.

I am by no means a TV expert as you folks may be able to tell with this posting so I seek the guidance of some of the more enlightened on this forum. Thank you very kindly :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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