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hope this is not wrong section, would like to ask and help me decide to pick my first 5.1 setup, wich option :

1. denon x500 + denon sys5.1 speakers (may got different name on other country )(basic/entry denon 5.1 speaker package i think) price about : $760USD

2. denon x500 + polk audio blackstone tl 1600 price about : $1120 USD

3. denon x1000 + denon sys 5.1 speakers price about : $1140USD

4. yamaha rxv 375 + polk audio blackstone tl1600 price about : $1150USD

5.yamaha rxv 475 + denon sys 5.1 speakers price about : $950USD

it's kind of expensive in my country i think,

mainly i'm gonna using it for my multimedia pc, got dts connect output from my soundcard.

sound quality would be good , if i can get it on 1100usd price range, if it's significant

but it would be better if i can plug/connect my iphone via usb/wireless.

(can i get wireless feature from rxv 375 too ?)

are all those avr can decode dts connect from my soundcard ?

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Originally Posted by sugiik  /t/1521083/question-and-need-help-deciding-1st-5-1-setup#post_24442300




it's not available in my country.

Amazon ships anywhere. Can you not order from Amazon in Indonesia?
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