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Question concerning 360 connectivity

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Due to the recent announcement that Netflix is offering unlimited movie downloads I finally have the push to build a Home Theater PC. My only question is do I really need to build it so it connects to my theater or can I just use it as a download and storage device. Once I heard the news I started thinking of graphics cards and processors capable of displaying HD content. My real question is can I just use the XBOX 360 that is already hooked up to display HD signals. It immediately connects to my PC when fired up and uses Media Player 11 displaying video from your computer. I know its a two step process but does this sound like a cheap fix? Would I need more than a basic computer that has internet access and a large hard drive seeing its not actually displaying the signal?
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Perhaps I should give this thread a different title....
if all you're trying to do is play divx and VC1 content, then the 360 solution is perfectly fine.

if its beyond that, you might need a dedicated HTPC.
The unlimited netflix you're talking about is for streaming video only and works through a web browser. as far as quality goes, don't expect to get hd from it.
Thanks I never used the Netflix downloadable feature so wasn't sure. Figured it was going to be like the Xbox 360 setup where you hit download and after 5 minutes you were ready to watch an HD movie. Maybe they will have a more expensive plan for unlimited downloads of HD Movies. Im still glad its happening because now I am finally seeing the need for a HTPC.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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