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Question for all who saw Hollowman in HDTV on HBO-HD last night...

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I decided to post this as a new thread to get max feedback:

Was this pan-and-scan? In the scene where Bacon is invisible, and walks in on the girl asleep in the chair and undoes her blouse, then proceeds to grab her breast.... her breast (nipple) wasn't visible for me. It disappeared off the left side of my screen. Can anyone else verify this? If not, then I have something configured incorrectly.

I was watching on the TW40X81 via the Dish 6000.
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I saw the whole tit :D
Dave Dave Dave,

A little class, huh?

Please, let's use proper terminology. The correct term is tomato.

Thank You.
Well, why the hell didn't I??!!??
Well, I think I figured it out. Even though my Dish 6000 had the early software on it that defaulted to Normal mode upon switching to an HD channel, and was set to "ask for my persmission" before upgrading, it somehow now has the new version 7.51 software on it. So, I've been watching the HD channels in Stretch mode.

However, I've noticed with both the HD and SD channels that the stretch mode actually stretches the picture too much, cutting off a significant amount on the left and right sides. Is there any way to fix this???
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