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Question for electrical experts (cat5 extenders and touchscreens)

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Doubtful many people have experienced this exact situation, but here goes:

I am using a belkin f1d084 vga extender (which will transport vga and ps/2 mouse/keyboard) over cat5, to get a vga signal to a xenarc 1040 touchscreen. VGA works just fine. The touch interface uses a proprietary cable that has some kind of little circuit board controller in-line, with both a 9 pin serial plug and a ps/2 plug at the computer end, and only a ps/2 plug that connects to the monitor itself (this is a one-unit touchscreen, no overlay or anything).

I am hoping to run the touchscreen over the cat 5 as well. Makes logical sense to me, since I can use a male/male kvm type ps/2 cable to connect the touch interface to the remote extender, which should send the signal over the cat5 to the local extender unit, which is then connected to the pc at both the serial and ps/2 mouse port.

The problem is, when I connect the touchscreen to the remote extender unit, the remote extender powers off, and the vga signal is gone. It will come right back up when I unplug the ps/2 cable. The extender seems to be fine otherwise, because it does okay with a regular mouse connected, so maybe it has something to do with the touchscreen being a powered device as opposed to a regular mouse?

I would not be surprised if the pc simply didn't recognize the touchscreen, but I never get that far because this power loss thing has me baffled.

Thoughts? TIA
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Perhaps the remote extender only works with one input at a time. It may not be designed to work with both inputs used at the same time. Do you have a second set of extenders that you could test with? Use one set for VGA and one set for serial?

Can you list what extender you are using so we can look up the specifications on it?
 Manfacturer's site Belkin Omniview KVM Extender Model# f1d084

This is the same model number as mine, but mine looks a little different, i guess an older model. I am looking into just getting a separate rs232 extender, but running more cat5 will not be easy
Well like looks like from the web site that it does extend the CGA, PS2 and keyboard functions all together without any issues, so my initial thought isn't the problem.

The issue must be with the proprietary cable. Like you said, there must be some issue (like being powered itself) that doesn't allow itself to be connected to the extender without grounding the wrong wire or something similar.

If you can find a couple of ps2 plugs, you could make your own ps2 to cat5 adapter and see if the ps2 wire will work over the longer distance without using the extender. Still use the extender for the VGA signal. It's a long shot, but it might work, especially if the propriety ps2 wire is powered. Just a thought.
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