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I purchased a Samsung HL61A750 (DLP rear projection, build date of Jan 2009) back in January 09 from Crutchfield for $1200. It was a great deal IMO and I was very pleased with the picture quality of the set.

So now it broke and I have been dealing with the authorized repair company for a month (TV is at their shop now). I get a phone call today from Samsung saying that since I've been having the hassle of waiting for the repair, would I rather just get a replacement? I replied "Sure, I'll consider it, but I want the option of just getting my old set fixed if I'm not offered something satisfactory.

I was wondering if anyone has any experience dealing with Samsung in a similar situation and if anyone has any advice for a TV i should ask for with comparable specs. At the time that I purchased my set, I felt that there was no greater value to be found on the planet and that since I didn't have to mount the TV to the wall I was getting an unbeatable bang for the buck deal. Also, I looked forward to lower energy consumption and long screen life.

Any advice is much appreciated.
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