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Question for Ruby owners?

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Does anybody know the screw size needed to go into the 3 ceiling mount holes in the bottom of the Ruby?

I have a Ruby on order and wanted to prepare a temporary home built mount beforehand. I could not find the screw size or a hole template information in either the user or service manuals.

Thanks for the help!

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They are M5 screws (5mm).

Have fun!!


(You can also download the owners/installation manual for Sony's (high end) Ruby ceiling mount from Sonystyle.com. I'm not certain, but it may give you some of the dimensions (screw hole spacing) you are looking for.)
I also learned an interesting bit of fact today...the Ruby specs claims that the Ruby is 19.5" wide...when actually its 19.85" wide. Not a big deal unless you are trying to fit the Ruby in a space that is only 19.75" wide and it don't fit.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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