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Question for silverstar owners

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My new house is under construction right now, so I am trying to think ahead and make it as easy as possible to install everything in my theater room. I am planning on purchasing the 103" 16:9 silverstar. To make sure that I have some solid wood behind the drywall to mount it to, I had planned to nail up some 2x8's between the wall studs at the places where I thought the mounting brackets would be. Now, I had assumed that the mounting brackets would be at the corners of the screen, or at least very close. However, after looking at Vutec's web site, I see that the mounting brackets for the 1.5" frame are actually moved toward the middle of the screen (horizontally). However, I plan to buy the screen with the 3.25" frame.

So, the question is: are the mounting brackets for the screen with the 3.25" frame at/near the corners of the screen, or are they set more toward the middle? If so, how far toward the middle?

Alternatively, if my idea of pre-installing some mounting studs doesn't work out, can you mount this screen with metal or plastic wall anchors? How heavy is the screen? Will wall anchors work?

Any input is appreciated, and if anyone owns the exact screen I'm considering (103" 16:9 with 3.5" frame), I would REALLY, REALLY apreciate it if you could measure and let me know how far in from the sides your mounting brackets are. Thanks!
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I have the deluxe frame and the brackets are not at the corners but in some on each side, similar to what you saw on the 1.5" frame. I have the 92" screen so my measurements wouldn't help much. While I think you probably could use some heavy duty anchors in the wall I decided not to go that route. My wall was already finished so I couldn't try the stud route either.

All you really have to do is mount two 2x4's across some studs for support (one towards the top and the other towards the bottom. Then mount the brackets to the 2x4's. The screen will hide them from view, plus it will make the screen appear as if it is floating in front of the wall. In addition, you would have space to mount bias lighting behind the screen, if you so choose. While I used 2x4's, even strips of 3/4" plywood would work if you think 2x4's are too thick. Lastly, it takes no pre-planning just in case your design changes some along the way (my sure did).
Smithb -- Great advice. I've got a Silverstar (110") on order and was grappling as to how to mount it also. I measured my space using a stud finder and requested Vutec to mount the brackets to my specifications.

The idea of a 2X4 or strips of 3/4" plywood sounds like an excellent idea.

I have been told that the screen can be mounted with anchor bolts and should work just fine. P.S. The screen doesn't weigh nearly as much as the enormous crate it comes in.:p
Does anyone have this screen? Anyone?
The mounting brackets on my 96" wide Silverstar are 2' from the edge of the 3.5" frame.

I would not trust wall anchors or toggle bolts.

Just fill the space with between the studs with 2x8 as you plan. Fill 2 spaces (giving a 32" mounting zone if you have any doubt that bracing one gap may not catch the mounting bracket screw.
Thanks, Don. The info I saw on Vutec's web site said that the mounting brackets (for the smaller frame) set inward by 25% of the width of the screen. From the numbers you provided, it sounds like that is also true for the deluxe frame. This is exactly what I needed to know. Thanks for the help.
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