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I recently picked bought one of these. I'm almost certain the lamp is dead (it doesn't strike and I'm reading zero resistance across the lamp filament). The machine seems to power up (the standby LED changes to green and the fan runs. But then after a brief time the standby LED starts flashing red and it powers down.

Since I don't really know if it's functioning other than maybe the lamp being dead I don't want to spend 400 bucks on a lamp if I'm not pretty certain. So please answer one question for me. When it's in the powered on state (LED is green) neither the power zoom or focus will work. Does it need to have a working lamp installed for these functions to work? Or should they still be working even with the dead lamp installed? If the latter is true then I'm going to be less enthused about gambling on a lamp for it.

p.s. I notice it has a retractable lens system. What makes it extend and retract?




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