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question for those that have the Bello PVS-4260

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For the people that are using the Bello PVS-4260, do I still need any additional hardware?

For example, when I buy my plasma, should I order a mount too?

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erghhh...isn't what I wanted to hear about it...but thanks very much.

I also am thinking over the salamanderdesigns one.

The thing I dont like on that one is besides the racks...I have to dish out another $500 on the mount to hang it. To me it looks like a typical mount...which then means I should be able to get a $200 mount elswhere.

Does anyone here have one that can verify for me?
I've got a 4260 and I like it. It works well. The glass might be a little on the light side but it's holding up fine for me. BTW I saw that Costco had this stand and it was something like 499 or so. You can see it for yourself and it's a good price.

hmmm..i like the StudioTech DP.

First time reading about it and the price does seem right.

DO you own one? Can anyone comment on it that might have it?
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