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Question on 6412 III motorola

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I apologize in advance if this question sounds stupid :eek: I have three lcd's with two 6412 boxes, I wouls like to wall mount my third lcd in my bedroom, the tv has a cablecard slot but I would like to hook up the tv to the hdmi on the cablebox.

How can I switch channels if the box is downstairs, do I need a IR as an exstension? any help appriciated :)
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forget expensive setups, yell at the kids
Rent your third 6412 and you have no question at all......
very helpful replyes fellas keep up the good work, db's
if you can get an hdmi cable all the way upstairs, u can surely get a coax up there as well and put the box in your bedroom and change channels that way.
You could get an RF universal remote. Radio Shack used to sell a great one, the 15-2117, but it's been discontinued and they don't seem to sell them anymore. I found something similar, the Universal URC-200, on ebay (search "universal remote rf").

Check out the remotes forum. Try to find "The Robman" over there, he is the remote guru (and he could probably sell you a nice inexpensive RF remote).
Are you using hdmi downstairs or component? if you are using component put the box in the bedroom since the cost of hdmi is more expensive. and runn shielded coax with component ends down to tv. If you are using a stereo downstairs run a 4th coax with a rca end for the digital out. you still have to deal with channel changing in the opposite way, but may be cheaper on cables. Quality is also important.

If you want to spend a few bucks there is a product that uses ethernet.

do a search on 77707K HDTV Signal Distribution Kit

includes ir repeating.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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