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I have the 65 in on its stand in my media room...

I am thinking about getting the same F8000 model but 60 in to hang on the downstairs wall above the mantle.

However, I noticed on the back of of 65in, the bottom (lower 1/4 of the panel) is thicker - and 2 of the mounting holes are there. That means due to this uneven back, I'll need to add spacers to the top 2 holes so the vertical hanging brackets are plumb. - and potentially to line up with bottom 2 holes, I may even need to add spacers to the bottom 2 holes (though thinner spacers) right?


1. Wouldn't this make the profile even thicker/wider, even further away from the wall if I hang it?

2. Does the 60in model exhibit the same type of back panel as the 65in? i.e. thinner profile on the top but thicker profile towards the bottom? any 60 in owners out there?

I currently have a UN55F7500 hanging in the kitchen. the back is flat. I chose the Sanus V14 slim profile bracket. The TV is less than an inch from the wall.

Thanks so much.
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