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Question on Matching Speakers w/ Receivers (Power Outputs)

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I am looking at the Denon 4310 which puts out 140 watts/channel RMS. I am also looking at Klipsch speakers that are rated at 100 watts/channel RMS and 400 watts peak.

How much of a real problem is this? What guidelines should I follow here in selcting speakers for a receiver that puts out 140 watts/channel RMS (a bit more by some reviews)?

Thanks for any help.
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no problem. Unless you are into bleeding ears, it will be extremely rare that you would push your receiver to anywhere near a sustained 100 watts RMS output. There will be moments where the power could increase dramatically, but then that is why the Klipsch rating includes a "peak" value....it is for transient spikes in output power required by the music reproduced.

If you are using a powered subwoofer, then most of the heavy output power that would have been required by the speakers to reproduce low frequency sounds will be handled by the subwoofer. That means there is even less chance of approaching the speakers rated maximum power since mid-range and higher frequencies are much easier (power wise) to reproduce.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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