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Question on media

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I bought several spindles of 25, Maxell dvd-r media. Upon closer examination they are made in Taiwan and not Japan. Further, the dvdinfo prog id's them as RitekG04's.

So are these decent disks? When you are determining if a brand of disk is good or not, what are you looking at....? If they burn and finalize? If they do burn and finalize then is it considered a good disk? Or is there something else?

Should I be worried about them not lasting or something like that? thanks..t
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While I am at it, are the TY's at Rima some of the best, even tho they are cheap in price and will they last? I use the panny's, a computer panny 621 RAM drive and the Pioneer a07 disk drive. So I need dvd's that are best for all of these.

My other question, is the disks above, the maxells that are ritekG04, should I have to worry about compatibility with them and any players, or should they play in almost any?

What brands have you guys found to be the best and most compatible with the most players out there? thanks..t
If they do burn and finalize then is it considered a good disk? Or is there something else?
That works for me. I might add a 3rd factor: "If someone that I give a DVD to, tells me that it didn't play in their DVD player". But out of over 200 burned and given away to probably over 50 different families, no one has told me that yet.

Nobody knows about long term life because they haven't been around long enough to fail yet?

Thanks Dave..t
Where I live (Canada), Ritek GO4s could be bought (Ritek/Ridata branded) for a lot cheaper than Maxells. If what you are getting with the Maxell brand is essentially the same product, why pay more?
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