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Since I only have 1 hdmi and 1 optical audio on my Panasonic PX50PX50U plasma, I have a question about hooking up my components to a new Onkyo 609 receiver.

(current setup)


HDdvr to hdmi splitter

Bluray to hdmi splitter

Splitter to tv/hdmi

Optical audio from receiver to tv.

Now with the 609 can I rid myself of the optical audio cable from tv to receiver and coax audio cable from blu ray to receiver and do this......?

HDdvr to Receiver/hdmi

Bluray to Receiver/hdmi

Hdmi from receiver to Tv.

If not, how do I do this?

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In theory, yes, that is the way the HDMI connections should work, although sometimes HDMI handshake issues with the AVR (any mfr) still require a direct connection to the TV from the source (mostly with cable/sat boxes though).

Also note there are already a couple of existing Onkyo 609 threads here and here .
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