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Hello everyone,

I have a question on an overall setup for my outdoor area/California room, essentially the issue is there is no coax cable outlet even remotely around where I would like to place my TV at so I’ve had to create a work around for now. My general plan is to use the zone 2 hdmi feature on my Denon AVR-3200w to a wireless HDMI transmitter/receiver (I know they can be a pain so I went overkill on the transmitter) I’m planning on using https://www.amazon.com/J-Tech-Digit...3&keywords=hdmi+transmitter+and+receiver&th=1 J-tech 660ft range transmitter for essentially a 50ft broadcast with a partial line of sight.

Now my real question has to do a little more with the audio portion of this set up, I would love to use a Sonos PLAYBAR for the audio from the TV has anyone used a PLAYBAR with a hdmi transmitter or zone 2 hdmi output from a receiver? Will this set up even work? In a perfect world I would like to use the PLAYBAR for under the TV and 2 Play 5’s for two different areas in the backyard.

Please note that I’m perfectly ok with having essentially a mirror of my living room TV outside we will be watching the game in both area’s.
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