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Question on RCA jacks

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I don't really know what the appropriate forum for this is, so please let me know if this belongs somewhere else. I figured you guys would have lots of experience with a broad range of components and may have seen this before:

I recently bought an Escient DVDM100 DVD manager. When removing my cables from the back of the unit's component RCA jacks, the outer conductor sometimes comes out with the cable. It's basically a cylinder with two tabs with teeth which slide into the chassis. One of the tabs has a mark from a contact-type connection, perhaps. It does not appear to have been soldered anywhere. Escient says this shouldn't happen, but it has happened on both the first and second unit I had. I'm now on the third which hasn't been opened yet.

I'm using Monster Video 3 cables which are pretty tight and may be contributing to this. I'm rewiring everything with DIY Canare cables/RCA connectors which are not nearly as aggressive.

The service associate at the store I bought it from insists the connectors are designed to do that. I assume Escient knows better, but looking at the design... I just don't know.

The connector slides back in, and doesn't seem to be affected.

The only other reference to this type of connector I could find was someone complaining about pulling out the connector on their Toshiba TV. Same type of tabbed connector.

Has anyone seen anything like this before? Maybe it is a sort of strain relief design to prevent tight connectors from damaging the jack?

Thanks for any insight into this,

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No thoughts on this one?

If the connectors pull out of the new one, I'll post some pictures -- hopefully that won't happen!
I'm no expert, but I've used a lot of RCA connectors and have never seen one that was designed to do that. I tried RCA Monster cables once and the were way too tight (in addition to being overpriced). I thought I would break the RCA jacks on my TV trying to get them off. I don't expect you will have a problem with the Canare plugs. I also made my own cables with these and they are much easier to disconnect.
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