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Question on Sammy Color Wheel Replacement

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I have a Samsung HLN5065W that is only about 10 months old. The color wheel had been getting very loud and I called Samsung about it. They will have it repaired by a shop. I called the shop today and the guy tells me that he will send someone out tomorrow to pick up the TV. He said that it sounds like I have a bad color wheel, (which I already knew from reading these forums) and that it has to be repaired in the shop. From what I've read here, repairmen have brought the color wheel to the customer to replace it.

Is the replacement of the color wheel that technichal as the guy at the shop said? He said he would have the TV back to me in a few days. If it needs to go then fine, but I don't know the shop and I don't feel comfortable giving my $3500 TV to someone not knowing what they will do with it.

If anyone could offer me an explination of what is involved, I may call the shop back and request that they repair it here. I think I may also call Samsung and see what they say.

Thanks for any response.
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There is NO reason for them to take it out of your home. I had mine repaired at home in less than an hour. It may be that the tech doesn't know what he/she is doing.

I had a HLN617W, and got to watch the service guy replace the color wheel twice before giving up and returning the set. Basically, you remove the back panel (~10 screws), disconnect about 5 connectors (mostly fan wires), take the DVI logic board loose and lay it out of the way, remove 4 screws and slide the light engine out. Probably a 30 minute job end to end.

Unfortunately, the service technician has to drive to your house with all his tools (electric screwdriver), replace it, and drive back to the shop. This is more expensive (for Samsung) than having a truck driver drive to your house, pick up the TV, haul it around in the back of his truck while he picks up all the other dead Samsungs in the area, drive back to the shop. Then the technician spends his 30 minutes. Then the truck driver hauls the TV (along with all the other repaired units) back to your house.

I would also suggest you have a way (a DVD/CDR with a white picture works well) to display a fully white screen on your TV before it is picked up. Look for any smudges or discoloration on the screen, and document their locations. After you get it back, check again. After the first colorwheel change (for noise) a smudge appeared on the screen, after the second colorwheel change the smudge had moved to a different location. So make sure it is perfect before accepting the repair as complete!
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My 56" Samsung has apparently developed the grinding color wheel noise. Was doing it on startup as of last night and hasn't stopped. I'll be calling Tweeter today for service (first time).

How prevalent is this now that these sets are a year + old ?


To be honest, I noticed the noise within the first week that I bought it. I read some posts here and thought that it was normal. It was never really that bad, but it has gotten worse. At first I thought I noticed it when my house was colder. But that wasn't the case. The set is back to normal now and the repair man is supposed to show up in the next hour or two.

Thank you to everyone that posted a reply. I'm going to make sure that the repair man and I agree that there are no problems with the picture before he does anything.

I just had my color wheel replaced on my HLN and to be honest I don't notice much of a difference, if any. Is there a "break-in" period for this part? Now I am beginning to think that the high pitch noise I hear in "normal." Can someone describe what an abnormal color wheel sounds like?
I don't know what the "normal" sound is, but I know that if you can hear it over the TV sound at a normal level it isn't right. While the repair man was here I had to put my ear to the back of the set to hear it. I would imagine that is the normal level with all else quiet. For a $3500 TV, I wouldn't settle for anything less than complete silence, other than hearing the fans. I know if my isn't right when it comes back, I'm going to keep calling until it's right.
I've had my HLN507W for ten months and I have noticed the color wheel sound from time to time. Most of the time it starts up quietly. However, every couple of weeks it will sound like a jet engine starting up. So far it has always quieted down after a couple minutes.

Speaking of...

Has anyone been able to find a source for a replacement light assembly? I don't like the idea of waiting a couple days to get a lamp changed out. I'd much rather have a spare on hand.

I mainly hear it when the volume is low and at night. If I "listen" for it during the day and at normal volume levels I can hear it. BTW, the tech replaced it in my home in about half an hour. He replaced it with the same part. Too bad he couldn't put in the newer color wheel I have read about.

I don't think you will get complete silence from the color wheel based on what I have read here. The sound from it is definitely louder than the fans, at least on my HLN. I keep reading that the Toshiba DLP's are near silent though I don't know anyone with one to hear for myself.
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