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I posted the same question on the S5100 owner's thread but did not get any response.

I just updated the firmware on my KDL-40S5100 sent to me from Sony. In my haste, I did not write down the original firmware version of my TV. The TV was manufactured in May 2009. After the update, it now shows firmware version ER4.11-E227.

I know that the updated version is suppose to be ER3.84-D827, and many of you have indicated that after the update. Is it possible that my TV already came with a newer firmware version and that the update from Sony did not alter the firmware on my TV. Will running the firmware from Sony when it was not necessary damage my TV? I am really confused. So far I do not notice any difference with the TV, hopefully no harm done.

Can someone post their firmware version before they updated? Thanks.
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