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Question on source switching(HDMI and others)

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I'm going to be setting up my first home theater, going from SD CRT w/tv speaker sound to HD and surround.

My question is this:

Are there receivers under the $500 range that will take inputs from ANY video source(Component, composite, HDMI) and convert them to HDMI so that there is only one cable from the receiver to the tv?

I have:



DVD player(component)


I'd like to be able to use all these and only have to connect them to my receiver, so as to minimize the nest of cables on the tv.

I have downloaded, and read, the manuals for a few receivers(Onkyo/Pioneer to name two) and they sometimes say stuff like "You must connect the AVR to the tv via the same type of connection"(Onkyo 607) when talking about connecting the dvd player.

Since I have a dvd player with component as its highest output(no HDMI), I take that to mean that I'd have to run component cables from the receiver to the tv if I bought that receiver.

But other receiver manuals are kind of fuzzy on that(such as Denon). They sort of imply that only an HDMI connection to the tv is needed IF the HDtv has an HDMI input(which all new ones do).

I know I can use my 360 to play dvds, but I really want to use my dvd player for that purpose, to save wear and tear on the 360.

I guess I'm wondering if conversion is HDMI to HDMI only on the less expensive receivers. And if so, what range of receivers do I need to look at to convert all inputs to the one HDMI output?

Thanks for any clarification on this.
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I need this clarification too.

Just like highdefdrifter, I too have component with my current Satellite, DVD Player and my Wii system. The TV has full HD and I would think in the near future a blue-ray player will be added to the package.

But as of now, I also need a receiver to accept component and out with HDMI.

Any of the yamaha models have this capability? I also hear very good reviews and recommendations for Onkyo as well.

Experts, please advise?
I believe almost all do what you are asking. its simply converting component to HDMI and its not hard to do.

I have the cheap Yahama 663 and the more expensive brands like the Denon 2809. I have component sources and I have HDMI sources. I ONLY have an HDMI cable going to my projection system.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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